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11 Minutes A Day for 11 Days


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After years of searching for optimal health and trying many different modalities and practices

I realized that no matter how healthy you try to live, if you have stored emotion or trauma, you will never truly be happy and healthy.

I discovered breathwork as a powerful and natural way to heal the emotional and energetic body so that we can be free of the weight that is holding us down.

I fell in love with this practice and the many benefits I have experienced which is why I am so excited to share this with you! 

Breathwork helps us to connect to our true self, to our true feelings and inner wisdom, and to our divinity within. It helps us to become aware of what is really going on in our minds and bodies. 

In this way we are able to release stress, anxiety, fear, anger and worry. When we allow ourselves to become present and to experience the flow of life and all that life has to offer, we feel more alive.


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Reduce Stress and Anxiety

In today’s modern world, there are few of us who haven’t struggled with anxiety or depression. Breathwork offers a very safe way to address stress, anxiety, grief, depression and anger head on so that our moods don’t start to take over our personal and professional lives. How we breathe often indicates how we feel. In the way shallow rapid breaths make us anxious and tired, long deep breaths that originate in the abdomen can help us feel calm, centered, grounded and energized. The reason for this is because deep breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which takes us out of fight or flight (the sympathetic nervous system). By activating your parasympathetic nervous system, which slows down your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure, you’re creating a deep feeling of calm and reducing your overall stress and anxiety.

Increase Happiness

Breathwork creates an experience of deep presence and self-awareness by giving yourself the space to go within, where time almost ceases to exist. In this expanded space and state, our brainwaves have a chance to slow down from the thinking and doing state of Beta and Alpha to a more dreamlike state of being, the Theta brainwave. In this state of being in the present moment, in the now, no longer bound by the past or the future, people often describe feelings of happiness and joy wash over them, as they experiences a shift in consciousness.


Breathwork improves oxygen capacity in the blood which leads to overall improved energy levels and stronger stamina. The amount of oxygen that we inhale through our breathing directly influences the amount of energy that is released into our cells.

Improve Focus

Deep breathing helps balance the hemispheres of the brain which create clear thoughts and mental focus. This also help to give you motivation and energy

Emotional Release

Unprocessed negative emotions, fear and trauma can get trapped and stored in the body and become energetic blocks that often take a physical toll on the body. Talk therapy often helps us to identify these fears and traumas, but isn’t always able to dislodge them from the body. These traumas and blocks can stay in the body since childhood and hold us back from leading the life we want to live. Breathwork is an incredibly powerful tool to help unblock, unravel and release fear, traumas, limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

Improve Sleep

Between our phone and social media overuse, the coffee we drink and the sugar in our food (all of which act as stimulants), as well as the low grade stress and anxiety we carry with us each day, there are many stimulating factors negatively impacting our sleep. Thankfully, the deep breathing we practice in breathwork helps to calm the nervous system, which in turn reduces the effects of stimulants and calms the stress, allowing you to get a better night’s sleep. Additionally, quieting the mind, which breathwork does so well, allows you to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.



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11:11 Breathwork Challenge

with Audra Bear

11 Minutes a Day for 11 Days

All it takes is 11 minutes a day to experience...


Increasing the flow of oxygen in your body can naturally boost your immune system by reducing levels of cortisol, in turn increasing the production of white blood cells, in the body. It also helps to naturally detox the body and boost metabolism which can ease digestive issues. 


Deep breathing helps you force more oxygen into your cells, which slows heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and improves circulation, ultimately providing more energy. It also helps to balance the oxygen and carbon minoxide levels in your blood and this is vital for high energy and mental alertness. 


Breathwork is scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and other stress related disorders. by slowing down and deepening the breath you can  activate your parasympathetic system – your relaxation response. 


By slowing down your breathing and paying attention to the rhythm of your breath, your minds become more focused as your parasympathetic nervous system kicks in and your emotions are soothed. It also helps to balance the hempispheres of the brain so you can focus and think clearly

...and so much more.

Join the challenge to do breathwork 11 minutes a day for 11 days and experience health, happiness and energy

You will receive two 11 minute breathwork audios to follow along to every day during this challenge. ​

Depending on how you feel, you can choose to do 11 minutes to chill or 11 minutes to elevate