Your life is meant to be lived.

Breathe and come alive.

Learn conscious breathing & transform your life.

Learn Conscious Breathing &
live without:






Negative Thoughts.

Three steps to
Transforming your life:

1. Download Guided Breathwork Audios

2. Practice Consistently

3. Change your life.

GUIDED breathwork audios:

Voyage –  An extended breathwork journey that is specifically designed to access alternate states of consciousness. This guided audio will help you to detox your body, release stored emotion, and create clarity and creativity. This breathwork has the power to provide deep healing for times when you are feeling stuck, stressed, or sad.

Aurora – A short guided breathwork audio that is the perfect addition to your daily morning routine and will elevate your vibration and ignite your day. This is a perfect breathwork for releasing stress and tension and bringing you back to a calm and happy mood!

  • 11:11 Breathwork Challenge

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  • Connected

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All About breathwork:

– It’s quick, easy, and can be done anywhere.

– Stimulates holistic physical self-healing.

– Cleanses and purifies the bloodstream.

– Creates heightened states of consciousness.

– Helps to clear negative thoughts & beliefs.

– Increases overall motivation and energy.

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By Audra Bear LLC