Transform your Subconscious beliefs and Reclaim your natural state of abundance

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You Were Born Rich.

If there is any part of you that doubts this statement above… You most likely have a subconscious belief limiting you from reaching your full potential to be wealthy. 



Or maybe you’re offended by the thought that making money could be just so easy or you’re struggling to believe that you can make the type of money you want.



The reason most people struggle to make money is because somewhere – deep in the subconscious… There is a belief that is stopping you from making the type of money you desire. 



By taking the time to explore your beliefs about money and wealth, you can begin to identify any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.



Ultimately, the key to unlocking your financial potential is to identify and overcome any limiting beliefs that are holding you back.


Meet Audra Bear

I grew up in the suburbs of Minnesota and left home when I was 18. 


I always knew I wanted more.


I spent most of my 20’s traveling, studying, healing, trying new businesses, failing and trying again. 


In 2018 I decided I was done working for anyone else, and I haven’t been employed since then. And that is when my journey of entrepreneurship and freedom began. 


I have had many highs and many lows. 


But now, looking back and I can see how I only ever failed and sabotaged my self or my businesses because I didn’t actually believe the success was possible for me. 


Ever since I started using Belief Coding® I have opened up so much more awareness and experienced first hand that abundance is our natural state. 


My intention with this masterclass is to help you see this too so you don’t have to waste time questioning yourself or your ideas like I have. 


Now It’s your turn.

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Audra Has Been Seen In...

Here's what I learned

I spent 2 years living in Las Vegas working in night clubs dancing, modeling. I had my first 6 figure year when I was 24 years old. 

I made a lot of money, but I spent a lot of money too. I was completely out of alignment, sick, drained, stressed and constantly anxious. 

Fast forward 3 years… And now I run my own online coaching and breathwork business doing work that actually lights me upI live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet,  I get so excited to wake up and so aligned work that inspires me. 

I know what it feels like to make a lot of money being out of alignment, and I know what it feels like to make a lot of money in alignment too.

The biggest difference is the beliefs you have about yourself, your life, your worth and what is possible. 

This masterclass is going to challenge what you believe is possible for you, and it is going to open your eyes to see the world of abundance that has always been available to you. 

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Belief Coding for Abundance

by Audra Bear

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