In a world of hype and quick fixes, breath is real. Everything out there today is "Life Changing" but so few things actually are. And if they are it takes a long time for the change to actually take effect. That is not the case with this style of Breathwork. People feel it's life changing effects from the very first session AND the results are undeniable...even for the biggest of skeptics.

Hi! My name is Audra Bear, I am a Breathwork Facilitor and Holistic Health Coach based in Los Angeles CA. 

I first discovered breathwork on January 1st  2018 at a class that my mentor at the time was hosting and I had a very unusual experience. I felt tingles in my hands and feet, I saw flashes of bright lights, I had an out of body – floating like experience and I remember leaving that class feeling high on life.                                                                  At the very least I was intrigued. At the most, obsessed!

I began practicing on a daily basis and I started having these experiences pretty regularly – and I noticed other benefits too. 

Things that used to bother me didn’t seem to bother as me as much. Foods I used to crave lost their temptation. I had more energy than ever before and I slept like a baby. These were just a few of the bennefits (Maybe you can relate to these too) 

I started to feel like I cracked the code on life. Like I had discovered something that I was missing my whole life and  I wanted others to know they could feel this good too. So I began my journey in sharing breathwork! 

I have been teaching online and in-person for 2 years and it’s been amazing to see clients and students from around the world using breathwork to change their lives too. My biggest goal in life is to share breathwork with as many people as possible….And that is where you come in!

I know that there are people in this world that only you can reach! In this training you will learn how to help others change thier lives by teaching breathwork. You will learn all the tools you need to share this information with others in a huge way. And I will give you everything I have learned on this journey and eqquip you to succeed as a breathwork teacher. Together, we can reach the world.

You don’t need years of training to get started. I believe it’s important for future teachers to do a lot of Breathwork on their own (daily being the best and fastest way to transform your own life so you can help others more easily). Having your own personal transformation through this work is the most powerful way to show that you are practicing what you preach. My entire business in teaching breathwork came from an outpouring of my own healing experience with the breath and I want you to be able to share that way too. What you’ll learn in my training is the important essentials about the practice and some ideas and tips for sharing and starting a business of your own or adding to your toolbox of healing modalities.

Here's what you will learn in this breathwork teacher training course

♦The science of the breath, how it works and why

♦Healing the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body through breathwork

♦How to breathe and how to teach multiple different methods

♦Some of the physical sensations that can happen during the session and how to help people relax and feel safe

♦What questions to ask the client at the beginning of the session

♦The business of breathwork

♦How to host classes online

♦Tutorials and softwares for creating an online breathwork business

♦How and why to prepare yourself before a session

♦Marketing, selling and finding a niche for your breathwork

♦How to ground a client at the end of the session

♦Create a powerful and moving playlist for the session

♦Breathwork class scripts to follow along too

♦Dozens of questions asked and answered

♦Plus much, much more…

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Breathwork Teacher Training is a LIVE virtual course. You can join from where in the world

We will meet for 2 hours via zoom every Sunday at 12pm noon PST for 6 weeks. (we will take a week off for independence day)

This training starts on June 13th and ends July 25th

Click below to fill out a short application to get started