Calling All Healers

Breathwork, Meditation, yoga, EFT, hypnotherapy, NLP, ECT.

Learn how to turn your healing services into digital products to create passive income and have a wider reach of influence

The earth is hiring for healers, lightworkers, way-showers, and love-givers. 

You have a unique gift to share; your own special magic that is unique, only you can share. 

You have a mission to help others elevate, evolve, and grow so that we can raise the vibration and consciousness of the planet. 

We are living in a time where our ability to reach people is wider and more available than ever. 

Through the internet and technology, we have a brand new opportunity being presented to us that allows you to reach millions with just a few strokes of your keyboard.

In this workshop I’ll go into detail about the new trend of digital products and how you can use them to turn your healing services into passive income and expand your message on global scale.

YOur Instructor


Hey Friend! My name is Audra, I am a Breathwork Teacher and Holistic Detoxification Coach based in Los Angeles, CA

When the pandemic hit in 2020, It was a blessing in disguise that my place of work closed down, and I moved into sharing breathwork online full time. 

I had no idea how to run an online business or even where to start. The only thing I knew I could do was Instagram Live breathwork classes! 

So I got on Live every day for almost 2 months and I got so much amazing feedback from my breathwork classes! People where really enjoying them and they were having incredible experiences just through my live videos! 

From there I started discovering different ways to share my gifts and healing and monetize online.  

I did virtual classes and workshops, 1:1 sessions, group courses and finally discovered the power of digital products. 

Since sharing my first recorded classes for sale at the end of 2020, I have since been able to share breathwork with customers from over 19 different countries!

The Internet is allowing us the opportunity that we have never had before and that is a wide reach to people we may never get to meet in person. 

In this workshop I am excited to share with you about the basics of digital products and how you can create this to grow your business and your sphere of influence.

I’m going to teach you the basics of creating digital products including which software and equipment I use, how to choose your music, and how to edit and publish the recordings.


Then I’ll give you some ideas for platforms that you can share your digital products on to help others heal. 

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IS this workshop for you?

Here Is What Is Required To Join This Workshop

A Certification

This workshop is for healers and lightworkers that are already certified in what your healing work. You can be certified in Breathwork, Meditation, NLP, EFT, Hyonotherapy, Yoga, Ect.

A Desire To Learn And Grow

I hope to inspire you with new ways and ideas for expanding your business and sharing your gifts with the world. If I could figure the "tech stuff" you can too!

Access to GarageBand

Garageband is a software tool that if free for users of a Mac. This is the most simple way to create audios and this is what I am going to be using to teach this workshop.

A Service or A Service Based Business

If you have been trading your time for money in your service based business, it is time to learn how to create a digital evergreen product of your service so that you can reach more people at the same time!

A Microphone

A good microphone is necessary for high quality and professional sounding audios. If you do not have one, you can easily purchase one from amazon or Facebook marketplace. 

Grow your business, Expand Your Reach and Create Passive Income While Helping Others Heal

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