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Here’s What I Learned

Before I discovered this method,  I was a was a compulsive binge eater.


I tried many different diets in search of optimal health.


Some diets would seem to be successful… 


I would stick to it for a few days and feel good, but then eventually some late night I would end up eating everything in my fridge – way past the point of discomfort.


I remember standing in front of my fridge one night stuffing my face out of a leftovers container feeling completely in a trance…


I suddenly realized what I was doing and stopped myself and thought “How did I get here?


I spent the rest of that evening doing google searches on “How to stop binge eating”

 Unfortunately I didn’t find anything helpful in that moment but that was the start of this entire healing journey.


After spending 2 years searching for answers for emotional eating issues in therapy, books, life coaches, yoga, ect.


I found that the practice of breathwork was the only thing that helped me balance my mental, emotional and physical wellness and helped me overcome the binge eating, over eating and food cravings I struggled with for so many years.


It wasn’t long until my friends, and family took notice.


I would show up at christmas dinner, birthday parties, and family events…


and everyone would start asking me “if I was eating” or “what diet I was on”…


I had lost about over 20 pounds in just a few months time.


And the truth is…


I felt better than ever before.


I was happy. 


I was confident.


And more importantly, I wasn’t controlled by my cravings anymore.


I finally felt healthy.


This is what led me to where I am now. 


So many people asked me for help & wanted to loose weight quickly like I had.


So I started teaching my breathwork techniques to other people… to help them breath their cravings & give them more energy.


And it worked.


Before I knew it…. Friends, family, and people I worked with told me I was changing their lives.


And that’s why I wan’t to help you get a taste of all these benefits…


With a completely guided program.


In the Whole Health Program, I am going to show you the exact breathwork techniques that have helped me, and many others around the world feel healthy, happy, light, clear and confident in their bodies.


Every body knows you’re supposed to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and drink water to have a healthy lifestyle, right?


Well what most people don’t realize is that


70% of toxins are released just through breathing.


You can go on all the diets and cleanses in the world, but if you are not breathing properly your body has to work overtime in order for all of your organs to function properly.


Learn to breathe differently and use the same method that has been used for thousands of years to increase your vitality


I Wish Someone Had Showed Me This Sooner

When I was  struggling with binge eating I searched high and low for answers on how to heal my body, my emotions and my relationship with food. 

I went to therapy, read all the books I could get my hands on, hired expensive life coaches, meditated, did yoga, ect. 

It wasn’t until I discovered breathwork that things really started to change for me. It was like the missing piece to the puzzle of my health and life.

This is exactly why I started sharing this information, so that you can end your searching and find the answers you need to have true, lasting health in your mind, body and emotions. 

I know you want to feel better, and I know you want to be healthy. 

And I know that you can do it. 

I know it’s possible because I’ve done it. 

I invite you now to stop searching, and start breathing.

You can change your destiny today.

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You know where that will lead… To me, it has always been that crazy cycle… Is that really where you want to go? 

If the answer is NO, then start today and book your FREE Whole Health Coaching Call where you will learn about a method to get your body, mind and emotions in check. 

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by Audra Bear

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