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The Detox Breathwork Method is a Holistic detox for your mind, body and emotions. In this Master class you will learn how this works, why it works, and you will even get a chance to try this for yourself!

✓Free your mind of worry, stress and anxiety

✓Release trapped emotion

✓Naturally detox your body

✓All you have to do is breathe!


I am a holistic health coach, detoxification specialist and breathwork facilitator based in Los Angeles, California.

 I have spent years of searching for optimal health by trying all the different diets and routines, I decided to get a formal education in health. After graduating from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I began a practice in health coaching. What I realized is that no matter how healthy my clients ate, if they have stored emotion or trauma, you will never truly be happy and healthy. What is discovered is that breathwork is a powerful and natural way to heal the emotional and energetic body so that we can be free of the weight that is holding us down. I fell in love with the practice of breathwork and the many benefits I have experienced which is why I am so excited to continue my practice and share with you. I have been guiding deep, healing experiences for my clients and students from around the world for 2 years, and it’s amazing to see the transformation that can take place when you truly begin to heal.

I am so excited to share with you  these exact techniques have helped me and my clients in so many amazing ways, body, mind and emotion. 

In 2016 I hit rock bottom with my health… I was chronically dieting, (and chronically binge eating)

I remember one late night feeling so awful after binging on leftover pasta(while standing in front of the fridge lol) I googled ‘how to stop binge eating’ unfortunately I didn’t find very much helpful information so a few months passed and I finally had enough of this cycle.

Fast forward after 2 years of therapy, hiring life coaches, reading every book I could get my hands on, working with nutritionist, using plant medicine, meditating, doing yoga and even trying energy healing. I felt like I had tried everything (Sound Familiar?) – all of this searching led me to find the practice of conscious breathing.

Breathwork has me helped to release the emotional weight, and trauma that I was unconsciously holding onto the that caused me to fill the voids with food.

You can talk about your problems all day long but what I’ve learned is that emotions actually get stuck in the body if you don’t allow yourself to feel them and heal them. Deep breathing allows you to stir up energy and release what you are holding on to.

After all of my searching, this is why I created Detox Breathwork Method to teach how to breathe to detox your mind, of worry stress and anxiety, detox your emotions of stuck or stored energy, and detox your body using ancient breathing techniques. This is more than just weight loss, this is a holistic transformation

Here are a few of the benefits you will feel from the Detox Breathwork Method

✓ Reduce stress & anxiety

✓ Improve focus & attention

✓ Detox your body

✓ ​Balance your nervous system

✓ Increase creativity

✓ Increase energy levels

✓ ​Heal trauma/emotional release

✓ Naturally boost your immune system

✓ Increase confidence, self-Image and self-Esteem

✓ ​Increase joy and happiness

✓ Overcome addictions

✓ Release negative thoughts

Stop Dieting and Start Breathing!

Register to join my free LIVE masterclass on Saturday, April 17th and learn how you can do this too!